Introducing RateIt’s Team Leaderboard

Have you always wondered whether your front-line employees are helping – or, potentially,  hurting – your overall customer experience, and brand.

And at some point thought to yourself: “if only I could know how each staff member is performing in our customers’ eyes?”

Why surveys just don’t cut it

Sure, you can send a survey to find out after some sort of interaction has happened with a staff member.

That’s if you even have a customer’s email address, which, in the majority of cases, you won’t. But even if you send a survey, there’s no guarantee that a customer will bother to answer… Unless they’re really pissed off. Or, conversely, they were really happy with the level of service they received.

The stark reality is that most customers won’t bother and, those that do, are often a non-representative sample of your overall customer base.

So how do you find out what the remaining majority of customers think of your employees?

Finally know how employees are *really* performing

The problem with surveys – and any other market research data collection method – is that they’re retrospective.

By the time the survey has gone out, the customer will have most likely lost interest in getting back to you. Especially if it was an inconsequential purchase from their point of view.

As a business you see it differently, of course, and wish that there was some way you could capture such valuable real-time feedback about staff.


The handful of interactions customers had that week with an employee could be just the insight you need to help influence a performance review conversation, or a promotion.

Correlate your NPS to staff performance

While RateIt allows you to capture valuable ‘in-the-moment’ customer experience feedback, there was previously no way to correlate this data with staff performance. Until now.


We’re proud to announce the ‘Team Leaderboard’ feature, which lets you:

  • See a ‘leaderboard’ of your employees and the customer ratings associated with them
  • Compare the performance of employees across locations based on a customer-focused set of metrics
  • Filter employee performance data by day, week or month
  • See how employee performance correlates to changes in your NPS.

With the RateIt Team Leaderboard, you now have insight into the performance of your most valuable employees – those that interact with your customers on a daily basis.

Try Team Leaderboard today

If you’re a current customer and not using the staff selection feature at present then reach out so we can enable this for you:  [email protected]

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