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Gardens by the bay

A RateIt success story

Gardens by the bay


Set in the heart of the city, Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s most popular tourist attractions. Ensuring a great visitor experience is a key priority of Gardens by the Bay.

Improving on traditional methods

The traditional method of gathering visitor feedback through paper forms captured limited information on the visitor experience. Gardens by the Bay was looking into other methods that could capture the wider visitor experience, as well as allow them to identify trends and make comparisons in order to enhance the enjoyment for visitors even more.

RateIt helped us get from 200 feedback responses per month using paper form surveys to 15,000 using their devices - an increase of 7,500%

Connecting visitors and the right team members

Introducing physical RateIt devices throughout the information counters, Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest displays helped Gardens by the Bay to collect and collate data that was broad and detailed. The data collected was also on a significantly larger scale.

Automation and RateIt’s inbuilt reporting of real-time feedback ensured that visitor requests, concerns and preferences were being sent to the designated managerial level and filtered downstream to the right team members to take action on.

With this clear line of communication, Gardens by the Bay have been able to close the loop on visitor feedback quickly and with greater efficiency.

Increase of feedback volume by 7,500%!

With the implementation of RateIt devices in a ‘plug and play’ rollout, feedback submissions increased from 200 per month using traditional paper form methods to 15,000 a month – an increase of 7,500%.

Real-time reporting ensures that Gardens by the Bay can act quickly on feedback and maintain a high standard of customer experience. Staff at the managerial level can now also see and understand how different aspects of the business are tracking.

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