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Flexible functionality for every role in the enterprise

Everyone in your company has a role to play in customer experience. So we designed features that solve problems for everyone's unique circumstances.

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What needs do you have?

Store Manager

Learn which actions you can take on the front lines to improve the overall experience of in-store buyers.

Regional Management

Understand which stores and locations are performing best, and how you might accelerate those improvements.

CX Executive

Implement a CX strategy that touches every part of your business, & track the strategy implementation.

Digital Teams

Integrate RateIT CX data to your existing tools, leverage our public API and ensure your customer data is secure.

My insights

Here you'll find an overview of how your CX and NPS scores are changing over time and across different departments.

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In-moment devices

Most feedback data comes from loyalty programs. With RateIt's physical in-moment devices, we capture what the other 90% of your customers think about their experience.

NPS surveys

Easily capture customers NPS through multiple channels and segment them any way you like.

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Text analytics

Powered by machine learning technology, text analytics provides more context to your data, so you can make better decisions that help you grow.


Integrate your operational tools directly into RateIt, allowing you to see your CX and operational data side by side, making your reports meaningful.

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Enterprise public API

Connect your own in-house applications directly to your RateIt account with our public API.

Biometric validation

Our devices can detect the difference between a child who taps the screen randomly and a real customer who is trying to provide useful feedback.

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Customisable reports

Customise your reports in every way imaginable. Our Premium Insights feature enables enterprises to configure whatever reports they need, and we can even incorporate other data sources to make those reports more meaningful.

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