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Understanding your customers

We help you learn why customers do the things they do, and how you can best help them.

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Insights with impact

RateIt is focused on your business goals, not unnecessary dashboards.

Business metrics not CX metrics

Map your CX metrics against your operational and business metrics to evaluate your CX initiatives that drive ROI.

Role-based dashboards & reports

Get the right information to the right people, with role-specific reports and dashboards to make your life easier.

Customised to your needs

Our CX experts can help you customise the reports, ensuring your consuming data in the most appropriate way.

Insights across the complete customer journey

Because you can segment your data across the customer journey, it's easy to see what needs improvement and where to focus your efforts.

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Prioritise your customer's needs for impact

Using in-built, multi-variant regression analysis, you can identify your core customers, what their experience has been like, and prioritise the highest impact opportunities for improvement.

Real-time benchmarking on key CX metrics

Check how you're performing against your peers on things like NPS and wait times.

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Rich text sentiment analysis

Using powerful machine learning techniques, RateIt instantly analyses all text responses to organise, summarise and display what your customers are thinking in their own words.

Team performance and impact on CX

Drive team performance higher by building a culture of accountability, and understand the impact of an employee's experience on customer experience.

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