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RateIt - CX platform

The new and better way to listen to your customers

An omni-channel way to capture, analyse and interpret customer feedback, act on what needs improving and grow your enterprise.

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Move the metrics that really drive growth

Focus on how your activities correlate to the right metrics. Now you can see how changes you make impact revenue, retention and customer advocacy.

metrics that matter

We listen every step of the way

We capture customer feedback, insight and sentiment at every touchpoint to ensure you can see the entire picture.

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Understand customer needs across all channels

See contextually relevant themes in your data, so you can make decisions about what customer needs are the most important.

Improve each step for the customer

Track your operational changes, and easily see how they impact important business metrics.

Improve across org

Accelerate progress on your CX journey

Great CX is the difference-maker. We want to help you every step of the way on your journey.



Learning how CX can help fuel growth. We all start here. Discovering the power of CX


Implementation of basic CX practices and discovering what works for you and your organisation.


Starting to see the value of good CX initiatives, and you can actually manage the process well.


The enterprise is growing because they understand the customer's voice, and their needs.


When CX becomes part of the organization's DNA. Everyone in the company knows it.

Our promise to you

The world's most valuable CX data

We promise the best customer data set imaginable. It will help you track, understand and action things that lead to better outcomes for your customers, and your business.

Real business outcomes, whatever it takes.

RateIt's CX experts will show you the path to success, with clear recommendations on how to improve the business in ways that move real business metrics, instead of arbitrary numbers.

Credible experts at every stage

We won't sleep at night unless we see things moving in the right direction. Our experts, with deep industry and technical knowledge, will be with you every step of your journey.

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